About Me

Who is Sarcastic J

Who am I? I'm SarcasticJ but everyone calls me J. I love seeing people prosper and come up in the world so I'm a positive vibes and good times kinda guy majority of the time and spread it as much as possible. I'm also a fulltime dad, husband and streamer. Previously i was an Executive Chef and a Fleet Mechanic. Now i am Chief Executive Director of Empire Consulting under Empire Jerky. I love playing games and putting time into my hobbies. Hobbies include, puzzle solving, mug collecting and Aquascaping. My primary game that I love to play and stream is Escape From Tarkov, I currently have over 6000+ hours in it and will never get tired of playing it. I also Mentor streamers one on one to get them better results on their streams.

Live on Twitch

Twitch is my home, where i share my passion for games and people. I am a transparent, honest, realist. I love keeping it real and just laughing as much as possible. Primarily play Escape From Tarkov but occasionally we have variety on deck. Community day on Sundays usually has some fun things going on to give everyone a break from the normal. Please feel free to stop by and have some fun.

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